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Landscaping Rocks & Stones – What Every Homeowner Should Know

Landscaping with rocks and decorative pebbles is slowly becoming an attractive landscaping option. Moreover, it is also considered to be a better alternative to grass considering that they do not require significant watering. Moreover, most local agencies have recommended the use of stone landscaping considering that it helps cut the amount of water used. When it comes to using rocks, there are lots of options to consider. That said, here are some rocks that will make your landscape attractive.


Granite rocks are volcanic in nature. When it comes to the use of these stones, there is also the option of using decomposed aSdcASaZSDgranite rocks, which are derived from weathering of original rocks. These rocks are perfect for landscaping due to the many benefits that come with their use. They are not only affordable, but they are also permeable and much stable. When it comes to their maintenance, they are also easy to maintained and require less wedding when compacted properly.

River rocks

River rocks are rounded and multi-coloured rocks that often found in riverbanks. These rocks come in different sizes are not necessarily very uniform. Considering that they come in different sizes, colors, and shape, these rocks can be used in various projects. In most instances, they are mainly used to create a border between paved and landscaped areas. Maintaining landscape with river rocks is fairly simple. You can use a weed taming fabric for weed control purposes and a blower to remove debris and foliage from trees.

Beach pebbles

aqsdcvsdqaWSBeach pebbles quite similar to river rocks. However, they have a characteristic flat and rounded look. They are mostly grayish-black in color. Like river rocks, these pebbles range in size. Beach pebbles are usually used to create a sophisticated and elegant landscape. They are also perfect for different applications like in pathways, topdressing, or as boarders. However, unlike river rocks, they can be relatively expensive especially when used for larger projects.

There are many options to consider when looking for landscaping pebbles and rocks. When looking for an assortment of landscaping pebbles to choose, you need to look at things like shape, shade, and polish. Your choice should also be guided by your personal preferences and the theme in your home. After reading this article, making the right choice should not be hard for anyone. That said, get some landscaping pebbles and redefine your landscape.